General Safety on board

We want you to enjoy your trip on board 'Skellig Falcon' - here are a few tips

What to wear/bring

Warm and waterproof clothing and comfortable shoes.

Please make sure you're wearing sunscreen as the sun can be very strong and there's lots of UV reflected off the water. A close-fitting hat is also useful and so are sun glasses but please make sure you've got retainers for them. Over the side is over!

You're welcome to stow your cameras and other belongings in the wheelhouse during transit until they're needed. 

We do have drinking water on board but you may wish to bring your own with you.

What to expect

Skellig Falcon is designed to cruise on the plane - this means that at cruising speed, the deck slopes down from bow to stern. This is completely normal.

While you don't need to be especially fit to enjoy the ride, you do need to be able to hold on, We can't guarantee flat calm conditions every trip and it may that sea conditions are such that the ride is a little bumpy at times and its as well to be prepared for a bit of spray when we're at cruising speed.

Bad weather

All trips are at the mercy of the weather and  sea conditions and we reserve the right to cancel trips if conditions aren't good.  If we need to cancel because of bad weather/seas, we will refund your booking.


Weather can change of course while we're out; in the event of bad weather blowing in unexpectedly, we do have capacity for 12 passengers inside the wheelhouse and forward cabin if shelter is needed. The cabin is heated. the unlikely event

In the unlikely event of an emergency, we carry full emergency equipment, including lifejackets for all passengers.

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