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Twice/three times  daily departures from Glen Pier out to the Skelligs, taking in Puffin Island and Puffin Sound. It takes approximately 30minutes to get out to the Skelligs and each trip lasts around 90 minutes, but could last longer depending on what we can see while we're out there. We'll give you plenty of time to take photos and we'll do our best to answer any questions you have about wildlife, the sea or the islands.


IIf you prefer a shorter sea  trip, we're happy to take you around Puffin Island via Puffin Sound. There's always plenty to see there, especially when the puffins are around.


We won't cut short any trip if there's something interesting to look at (or in the event we're following dolphins).



Puffin Island

Separated from the mainland by a narrow strip of water, Puffin Island is on our right as we leave the the Glen pier.

Little Skellig

Towering cliffs with gannets nesting on every ledge, in the air above and diving into the water below.

Skellig Michael

A spectacular sight from any angle, at all times of day.

...and more

We can offer dive charters, photography trips, sunset cruises and longer-range trips. Contact us to discuss your requirements





We can take you to some truly  stunning dive sites. 

We also have our own compressor and can supply cylinders and weights.


We can take you out at a time to suit you and to catch the light at dawn or sunset.

Sunset cruising

Sunset over the Atlantic from vantage points at the Skelligs.

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