Covid-19 precautions for your health and safety on board 'Skellig Falcon'

A few changes to the way we look after you and you look after each other when on board.

General Health

We’d ask all our passengers to cancel their trip in the event that they are unwell for whatever reason. Please don’t come if you’re feeling under the weather, especially if you or anyone in your household has Covic-19 symptoms. 

Hand hygiene


We will ask each passenger to use a hand sanitiser before touching any surface on the vessel.


We’ll provide hand sanitiser on the pier for use before getting on board and after disembarking ‘Skellig Falcon’ at the end of a trip.


We’ll also have hand sanitiser for use on board.


The hand sanitiser we use will contain at least 70% alcohol; we may source it from more than one supplier.

Hygiene on board

We have a marine WC cubicle on board which will be cleaned and sanitised between use.


The vessel will be cleaned and disinfected before and after each trip.


All surfaces which are used by passengers (eg., WC, handles, doors, hand and grab rails, seats) will be sanitised before and after each trip.

Respiratory hygiene

We would ask passengers to observe good respiratory hygiene, using a tissue to cover any coughs/sneezes.


There is currently no Government requirement for passengers to wear a face-mask.

Until/unless that advice changes, we do not require passengers to wear face-masks while on deck.


Any passenger entering the wheelhouse cabin must wear a face-mask or other face covering.


We ask that passengers supply their own face-mask or other suitable covering for this eventuality.


Our crew will use face masks/face covering whenever interacting directly with passengers.


Physical distancing

Because of the need to maintain physical distancing on-board, we are reducing the maximum numbers of passengers we will carry on each trip to 8 to allow for more space per person.


With a maximum of 8 passengers, this allows us capacity for up to 3 groups from different households ( that is, 3 groups of people who need to be socially distant from each other and from the crew).


We ask that each group coming on board stays in each other’s company as much as possible so that a minimum distance of 2m can be kept between each separate group and between groups and crew.


We will ask that passengers respect physical distancing between groups and crew at all times as they move around the vessel. Crew will be on hand to advise on this, especially in cases where passengers wish to take photos/videos.


We also ask that passengers waiting to board respect physical distancing on the pier; crew will invite separate groups to sanitise hands and come forward for boarding in order to maintain 2m distance on the pier and on board.


Further information

Because of HSE requirements, after booking confirmation we will contact the individual responsible for the booking to confirm whether or not other passengers included in the booking constitute a single household in which no-one needs to be socially distant from each other.


We will also require additional information as per the HSE guidelines in force at the time.

Other measures

We’ll display any mandatory Covid-19 related posters on board, and will include description of measures we have in place in our normal pre-trip safety briefing on board the vessel.


As further advice from Government emerges, we will adopt other precautions as necessary.


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