Highlights Calendar 2022


Some of the best photos from our summer season 2021 presented as high quality images in an A4 wall hanging calendar.




Because of the way our bookings work, you need to book a 'Highlights Calendar Tour' - this is currently the only tour on our bookings page.


Book 1 person on the tour (there is no cost for this) to set up a calendar order.

You will be offered the option to add up to 10 calendars - select how many you'd like from the drop-down menu, the default number is 1. 

The price for one calendar is EUR 15 - please note that the drop-down shows the additional cost for extra calendars.

The total price that you pay is shown at the bottom of the page, after you have completed your details and includes discount for orders of more than 1 calendar.

The total price includes postage and shipping costs.

We will take payment from your card when we despatch your order.

Calendar preview

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